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LearnTXT offers an excellent array of features that allow charities and related organizations to establish direct connections with their members.

Member Zone

The Member Zone is a moderated platform that empowers members of your organization with the ability to interact and get involved. With the capability to create both public and private subgroups for sharing content, members can foster a supportive community. Utilizing the Member Zone can greatly enhance your organization's community engagement.


Through our platform, you have the ability to offer your members exclusive content such as documentations, interviews, live performances, and behind-the-scenes footage of projects, making them feel valued and appreciated. With support for multiple video platforms, you can easily upload content directly from your phone.

By providing unique and captivating content that cannot be found anywhere else, you can impress and delight your members. Elevate your organization's community experience by getting started with our platform today!


Stay connected with your community through weekly updates, interviews, or sharing new projects by recording a podcast directly on your phone and sharing it.


Looking for ways to increase member involvement in your organization? Personalize your communication strategy by sending SMS messages directly to your members' phones, whether it's for their birthdays or special announcements.

By leveraging this innovative and effective communication tool, you can demonstrate to your members that you value their membership and keep them informed with exciting updates from the organization. Stand out and make an impact with your community by implementing this feature.


Capture and share your most exciting moments with your organization members through our platform! Share as many photos as you like, showcasing the highlights and memories of your projects while traveling, preparing donated materials, or even backstage shenanigans during performances.
Customize your photos with emojis and colors to add some personality and make your snapshots stand out from the rest. With our platform, sharing your experiences with your organization members has never been easier.


Get real-time feedback from your members. Ask questions and entertain with our online quizzes and voting features. Improve your organization and better understand your members.

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